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Halyard Health’s nitrile glove portfolio offers a glove for every need and clinical task, ensuring healthcare workers are always adequately protected

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Latex or Nitrile Gloves?

Latex or Nitrile Gloves?Many people get a little confused trying to determine which type of gloves is the ideal choice especially when deciding between latex and nitrile gloves. Let’s take a look at the attributes and benefits of these gloves.Latex:Latex gloves are made of material originating from the latex ducts of rubber trees. They are a popular choice of protective [...]

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Kleenex and Scott Hand Towels with Airflex fabric | Kimberly Clark Products

Kimberly-Clark’s unique AIRFLEX fabric creates absorbency cells in every towel which drink up water fast for more effective hand drying, improved hygiene, less waste and a tidier washroom. The Airflex fabric is exclusive to Kleenex and Scott hand towels, making them technologically advanced paper towels for superior hand drying and environmental benefits.KLEENEX® and SCOTT paper towels with [...]

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